Perfect location near Kyoto Nanzenji Temple
By the historical waterway connecting
Lake Biwa to the town
Feeling the sense
of good old Japanese aesthetics here and there
Small luxury resort FUFU Kyoto



Shaping the Beauty of Japan

Breaths of the trees, glossy lacquer color, and delicate lattice.
Lights flowing into the unspoken space.
Scent of cherry blossoms and sandalwood.
Flower arrangement giving off a hint of Kyoto culture.
Beautiful accessories and pieces of art that remind you of craftsman's techniques.
The interior decoration with calming outline forms a relaxing space.


  • Exquisite Japanese Cuisines
  • Exquisite Japanese Cuisines

Kyoto Vegetables and Charcoal-grilled Dishes

A restaurant in FUFU Kyoto overlooking a beautiful garden,
which serves dishes that taste the four seasons of Japan.
We entertain guests with dishes that can only be tasted in FUFU Kyoto,
using seasonal locally produced fresh Kyoto vegetables and charcoal grills.



Spirngs with a Scent of Hinoki

Gentle hot springs at FUFU Kyoto.
The open hot spring where you can feel the light breeze is equipped in all rooms.
It’s time to unwind in Kyoto, in the elegant space with Japanese style.

  • Hotel Facilities

Annex BAR of Japanese architecture

The beautiful maple and pine trees are inherited from the garden used to be here.
The garden facing the main building is surrounded by rich flowers and trees.
The hut away from the main building is traditional Japanese architecture,
reflected on the surface of the water drawn, the water comes from Lake Biwa Canal.
You can grab a drink or see the geisha dance in the hut.


FUFU Kyoto is located in the tranquil Nanzenji Temple district in Kyoto. Enjoy the sense of old Japanese aesthetics, in the lovely and supple little town of Kyoto by the historical waterway. It is also convenient to go to sightseeing spots in Kyoto or take the subway to Kyoto Station.